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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 10, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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it was expected and now it's here. a major snowstorm bringing blizzard like conditions across the midwest and the east coast. hundreds of flights canceled and even some schools closed. in washington, d.c., the national guard is out right now helping people with emergencies. reports up and down the east coast. about an hour blago back in court. federal marshals already preparing for the circus that surrounds the ousted governor who today will answer to more charges of corruption. and some bad news for the woman considered the best american female skier of all time. a new injury that could derail
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lindsey vonn's chance at olympic stardom. the drama already starting in vancouver. and new york city is bracing for snow. by the time it's all done tonight, a blizzard or blizzard like conditions reported. this is a picture from times square. you see there a little rain but a lot more snow than there is rain, quite honestly. the wind blowing throughout the streets. people are really bundled up. let's go to tom llamas live with the latest on the conditions in new york. tom? >> reporter: good morning, tamron. i'm doing what a lot of people are doing today in new york city, enjoying the snow. we're here in central park on the west side of the park and you can see some people are enjoying the day. these are tourists, these are -- don't have to take their -- today is a snow day and schools are canceled in new york, the archdiocese, public schools in central and southern new jersey and all of connecticut. we have people out here with
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their dogs enjoying the day running around in the snow. it's about 3 inches on the ground. we have 3 inches on the ground. it's been snowing an inch an hour. you have joggers still enjoying the weather, still jogging. i tip my hat to her and people walking around getting to work, maybe spending their lunch break here. i can see a cross-country skier behind the camera. it's not too bad. we are expecting a double whammy. it's supposed to get worse later on in the day. higher winds and more snow. right now this is doable. people are enjoying this. i did speak to the port authority who tells me more than 1,000 flights have been canceled from newark, jfk and laguardia. he told me if you plan on flying out today or tonight you have a better chance of getting on a snowmobile that an airplane because it's not going to happen. and the rule of thumb here an inch of snow costs the city a million dollars of cleanup. as you mentioned earlier, we could be getting 14 inches. that's a lot of money. tamron, back to you. >> it's beautiful where you are. you said people are enjoying it.
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i must be surrounded by crumudgeons. maybe that is the place to be for people who really love the snow and the beauty of it. thank you, tom. and in washington, d.c. the national weather service is describes the situation as, quote, extremely dangerous. and they are warning motorists of whiteout conditions, a blizzard warning is in effect for the entire state of maryland and the d.c. accord iing to petco there are more than 3,600 customers right now without power. and if you can believe some have not had power since the weekend when the first round of bad weather rolled in. tom costello is live in washington, d.c. tom, we're going to go to you eventually and not be able to see you. the snow is getting taller and taller. >> reporter: you know, most of those people without power have not had that power since last friday night so this has become very serious for those folks. i have my yardstick here just to give you a sense how much we have had northwest of d.c.
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let me turn it a little bit. okay as of this morning the snow we've accumulated since yesterday we're now at about 8, 8 1/2 inches on top of the 20 to 30 inches this entire area, maryland, d.c., virginia has already experienced. you mentioned that, in fact, all of maryland, the entire state, is under a blizzard warning. according to the local meteorologists that is unprecedented. they can't ever remember that happening before. d.c. -- i don't know, can we take a shot of the white house camera? we will show you what it's like down there. we have whiteout conditions throughout the metro area and we have the d.c. fire chief and the dwk dk police chief and authorities in maryland and virginia and on up the coast urging people to please stay home. the roads are truly impassable with the snowpack we only have on the road ice packed roads and it's very difficult to make your way. you add another 6, 8, 12 inches
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on top of that and this is treacherous conditions. by the way, you're saying, okay, what about you guys? you made your way in a work, right? we're staying at a hotel a few blocks away because it's too dangerous to drive back home. back to you. >> absolutely. the information coming in is pretty scary and especially, tom, you reiterated there are people who have not had power since friday in their homes so they're freezing in their own home and you can't get anywhere because of the street conditions. >> reporter: my street i live on has not been plowed since the first storm so we've now got about 39 inches of snow on my street and no plow has been through there at all. >> all right. we'll see you in the spring. that's when you're going to dig out. in maryland at least 25 counties are under severe winter warnings or advisories as the baltimore area and north central maryland are getting hit by the second massive snowstorm, as you heard, in just a week. already more than two feet of snow on the ground before this latest big round rolled through.
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blizzard warning is in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. wbal's sandra shaw is in baltimore. >> reporter: and it is a true blizzard, tamron. the conditions have really, really worsened within the last hour. we're down here at the city operation center where they have just declared a phase three emergency and that means only the emergency vehicles, fire, police, even bge vehicles on the road no one else is allowed because they say it's extremely dangerous. so not only do we have the winds that are really intensifying but it is blowing all this snow into big drifts like this and earlier this morning when this thing started gearing up, we were dealing with freezing snow and sleet mixing together with it. there's a nice glaze coating the streets. again, to reiterate, in addition to that 30-plus inches we received in the city. one of the big challenges in baltimore city is the side streets. they're so narrow and there's so much terrain, hills, it's so
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hard to get to the side streets and clear them out so it's been problematic getting to people who need medical aid. they're trying to get extra humvees in here. conditions are just crazy here in maryland. back to you. >> sandra, thank you very much. let's bring in ginger zee tracking where this storm is moving right now. she's in our headquarters here in new york. ginger, we heard sandra say it's just crazy. i'm sure that's not a word meteorologists use, but that's what it feels like, insanity all of this snow. >> today that's the term. we'll say crazy pretty much everywhere along the eastern seaboard and north. that's where the storm is moving. i have some good news for baltimore and d.c. you're almost done. a couple more hours of the really heavy snow but not with the wind. that's going to be such an issue for all of us. look at wind gusts throughout the area. i saw one in d.c. more than 40 miles per hour. so it's not even us. just look at the southeast. they're having a windy day, too. we have the snow.
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so you have the snow plus all that wind and that blizzard warning, that deep, magenta color. the coral color is the winter storm warning so everyone getting it. still anticipate 6 to even 12 inches on top of what we already have. we're going to continue to follow and track the storm throughout the day. it's tracked way too much. i think really the problem continuing into tonight will be the trees, the power lines, that type of thing. tamron, this storm will be done late tonight. everyone is wondering when is it going to be gone, late tonight/early tomorrow. >> i've heard delays, cancellations at the airports, people supposed to leave, for example, on a flight tomorrow have been told that they won't be able to get out of some airports in the washington area until saturday. so a lot more than the east coast and the midwest impacted by this. thank you, ginger. from extreme snow to a rare midwest earthquake in the chicago area. the 4.3 tremor hit about 4:00 in the morning.
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hit about 50 miles west/nor west/northwest of downtown chicago. no serious damage reported. people as far away as iowa, wisconsin and indiana say they felt the quake. and developing news. now it is honda issuing a recall. it actually started in 2008 with nearly a million vehicles affected. this new recall added in 437,000 vehicles to that list. the problem faulty air bags on many of the 2001 and 2002 models. honda says it will replace those air bags that can deploy with enough pressure to injure and even kill someone. the federal government is shut down for a third straight day because of the weather but president obama is planning to meet in the oval office later this hour with african-american leaders about jobs and our economy. the unemployment rate among african-americans is now at 16.5% while the national unemployment rate is 9.7%. nbc's mike viqueira joins us now from the white house. i'm happy to see that you're
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inside. i saw your report earlier and didn't hear anything you said. you're inside. mike, let's talk about this. how does the president handle the unemployment in the african-american community versus what it is nationally. everyone wants to go to work no matter what race you are. >> reporter: i think that's it. the president having this group in today 11:45. as far as we know, i'm looking out the window here, you cannot see very far, just a couple hundred yards across the street. this meeting is going to go on. we expect to see the president with african-american leaders gathered in the west wing. this is the only thing on the presidential schedule today. the press pool that they usually call to cover events here at the white house wasn't even called today. so down time here in washington. the capitol is not with the house and senate out this week and out next week for a previously scheduled recess. that's when their poll numbers ironically start to go up. that has been the talk around here about the polls, about the lack of bipartisanship, about who is to blame here in washington. just behind mean the president
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appeared unexpectedly at a press conference yesterday to talk about some of these issues. simultaneously republican leaders just outside after their big meeting here in the white house, the president announcing a february 25th summit meeting on the issue of health care. so far, though, no traction, no progress on that front. a limited schedule at the white house. i'm meeting with the african-american leaders to talk about the economic situation among that community, tamron. >> thank you very much, michael. some of the people attending that, benjamin jealous, marc, and reverend al sharp ton among the few who will be there. now to that developing story regarding skating star nancy kerrigan and her family. her father's death has been ruled a homicide, and there's a possibility now her brother could face more serious charges. mark kerrigan was arrested on charges of assault after he got into a fight with his dad daniel. according to the autopsy results when mark grabbed his father around the neck he crushed his windpipe which led to his death.
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this morning in an exclusive interview with the "today" show mark's ex-wife janet spoke to meredith vieira. >> i was extremely shocked but i didn't see it not happening with mark's -- >> why do you say that? >> because mark is a very angry man. when he drinks, he gets very violent. >> nancy kerrigan and her mother do not believe the case should be a homicide and they continue to support mark kerrigan. the major blizzard pounding the northeast. more on when it will end and the latest live pictures coming in. we have breaking information, new numbers on the people without power. flight delays, flight cancellations, all a mess surrounding the latest big storm. and speak iing of big thing a big mix-up leads to a super bowl blackout. this one going to make you say no way today. and she's one of america's homes for the winter olympics. in fact, someone today said
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she's the michael phelps of skiing, but she's now injured. the latest on lindsey vonn and her injury. we're going to take you live to vancouver as we count down to the olympics. be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup. low in fat and cholesterol, heart healthy levels of sodium, and taste you'll love. guy: mmmm! chef: we're kind of excited about it. announcer: campbell's healthy request.
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welcome back. we've got some breaking news out of washington, d.c. president obama's administration now handing down new sanctions on iranian revolutionary guard affiliates. this after iran says that it was going to produce more of uranium for its nuclear program, enriched uranium. obviously a great concern. they say it's for peaceful purposes. the white house and other administrations have said that is is not the case. we're just getting word. we'll give you more information as it comes in. the obama administration handing down new sanctions on iranian revolutionary guard affiliates
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in an effort to show iran that the world means business regarding its nuclear program. and now let's get you caught up on more details with this weather, the blizzard traveling troubles out there. monica novotny is here with me. >> reporter: in the last hour we got an update from all of the new york airports. they are open but still travelers may not be going anywhere. most flights at laguardia are canceled at jfk airport. only two runways are open at a time while crews continue to plow snow from the other two that closed. at newark liberty, continental airlines has called off all of its flights. this is pretty typical for all of these major airports all up and down the tri-state area certainly because even though we're technically showing no delays it's because they have so few flights up and running. most major carriers have canceled most if not all of their schedules. in washington, d.c., officials say all flights out of reagan national and dulles international have been canceled. southwest airlines, they've done the same thing for planes out of philadelphia international airport. and in chicago the situation is
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better slightly. o'hare and midway are open. some flights going out but delays are being reported now but airlines are proactively canceling flights again there as well because of problems elsewhere. 300 were canceled already. 150 at midway. southwest expected to resume flights out of midway at this hour. we'll keep you updated on that. on the rails, people look to amtrak as a backup. they have very limited service between washington, d.c., and new york. those regional trains are running on a limited basis. we'll keep you posted. >> it may have turned into a snow competition. since there is so much snow and it's stretching from the midwest to the east coast, different cities feel we're not giving them coverage. i just got a tweet from someone saying what's up with the d.c./new york coverage? philly is in the middle getting buried, less than 2 inches away from an all-time record. they're having airport problems as well. we're covering the information as it comes in as you just ran down the list.
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this is a monster storm and people who plan on flying may not be able to get out until the weekend, until after all of this is done. >> reporter: there are so many backups and so many backups still from last week. tremendous travel days in the coming days. >> thank you. schools are closed today. only the third snow day for them in the last six years. by the way that's a little factoid. several new developments in haiti. four weeks after the quake officials report the health crisis is worsening with an increasing number of deaths from diarrhea illnesses, acute respiratory infections and malnutrition. new hearings are set in the case of the ten american missionaries jailed and facing those child abduction charges. and amid the chaos more star power. actress angelina jolie visited quake victims in her role as goodwill ambassador for the united nations. nbc's miguel almaguera is in port-au-prince on this increasing -- miguel, this increasing health threat, tell us more on how they're trying to get at least some kind of upper
11:21 am
hand here. >> reporter: tamron, health officials are worried about a laundry list of some very serious potential outbreaks. we're talking about the measles, whooping cough and other things like tetanus. it's really all related to the cleanliness of this area. you walk around port-au-prince and people are quite literally by the millions, at least a million homeless people living in the streets are out there in the middle of rubble and garbage and debris that is certainly not sanitary. there are wild animals running around, goats and pigs that are freely eating off the streets. it's a sanitary condition they're concerned about out here, tamron. >> miguel almaguera live for us in haiti with the latest information on the effort to, as you said, sanitize these areas. the threat of disease continuing there. thank you very much, miguel. we'd like to know what you think. you can twitter us at, the story in haiti, angelina jolie there, or even the idaho ten back in court today. we're keeping an eye on this major winter storm that is blanketing cities up and down
11:22 am
the east coast. also lake effect snow in the midwest. we have reports out of cleveland. but it's coming down there as well. we're going to take you to the hardest hit areas and give you an update on when the snow will finally end. and first the snickers super bowl ad and now live from new york it could be saturday night. we'll tell you about the major intern internet push to get this golden girl on "snl." and then jay leno says bye-bye to that 10:00 p.m. spot but not before hearing two words from the country's most famous boss. (announcer) the #1 prescribed acid reducer
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as always there are some stories that make us say no way this time of the morning. united airlines pilots and passengers were left in the dark on super bowl sunday. pilots can usually listen to major sporting events on a dedicated radio broadcast that's actually in the cockpit and then they give passengers regular sports updates. but on super bowl sunday dispatchers would not feed the
11:26 am
pilots any big game info not even willing to tell them the score. apparently a control center had a misunderstanding. united said they did not want workers watching the game on the tv screens. that's a good idea, isn't it? her super bowl snickers ad was a sweet success and now actress betty white is a huge hit on facebook. an entire page now devoted to getting the actress to host "saturday night live." the page is a tribute to her more than 70 years in show business. white turned 88 last month and doesn't she look marvelous? and as of this morning the page has nearly 123,000 fans trying to get betty white in as host of "snl." now to vancouver, u.s. skier lindsey vonn faced high expectations going into the games and now she is dealing with what could be a devastating injury. just hours after arriving in vancouver, vonn severely hurt her right shin during practice
11:27 am
one week ago and she is not sure if she's going to be able to compete. vonn spoke to the "today" show's matt lauer about her injury and her feelings on it. >> when i tried my boot on, i was just standing in the hotel room barely flexing forward and it was excruciatingly painful. i don't honestly know if i'll be able to do it. >> nbc's kevin tibbles is in vancouver and, kevin, you always have the drama here. with lindsey vonn, is she not able to get any medical treatment for this injury so that she can ski? >> reporter: well, it's being described as a deep tissue bruise and this is something that happened apparently while training in austria before heading over to vancouver to participate in the games and essentially it's the sort of thing where the blood is being drained by medical staff away from the bruise but at the end of the day it's still a bruise, tamron, and that is the sort of thing that nature has to take its course and it has to heal itself. she is taking painkillers, we understand, and those sorts of painkillers that are allowed by
11:28 am
the international olympic committee. she doesn't want to end up into the murky waters of taking something to kill that pain that is not allowed. essentially it is a wait-and-see thing. she is expected to be participating at a news conference, a press conference in a couple of hours from now. we may be getting or garnering more information at that time as to the severity of this bruising on her leg. at this point, again, as you mentioned, at the get-go here she is one of the big favorites for the united states in these games. she is enrolled in some five competitions here and the loss of lindsey vonn would certainly be a huge loss for the u.s. team. let's hope that this bruising dissipates now. >> absolutely. kevin tibbles live in vancouver, thanks for the report. >> reporter: sure thing. the opening ceremony is just two days away, this friday, february 12th. catch all the winter olympic action here on the networks and stations of nbc. and developing news about john edwards and that sex tape with
11:29 am
his former mistress. a judge ordering the man who used to be his right-hand fellow to turn over that tape today. will he comply or will he go to jail? and rod blagojevich is back inside a courtroom facing new charges of corruption. we're going to take you live to chicago for that circus. and the big stare of the day, the winter weather nailing the midwest and the northeast. look, somebody is having a little fun. a nice little -- a really big snowman there with all the snow you could put it to some good use. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number?
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a rich and airy treat. ♪ because after you've washed the bills... and paid all the dishes... it's finally me o'clock. enjoy it with mousse temptations. three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. welcome back. a quick look at a different video coming in to us. this is pittsburgh where they, too, in pennsylvania are getting pounded by this winter storm. a storm warning in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. an additional 2 to 5 inches of
11:33 am
snow could hit before the evening. and let's look at new york's central park, a beautiful shot. that is nbc's tom llamas. pretty handsome fellow bundled up there in central park. it is lovely. let me tell you, it is wicked and it is very difficult to get around at this point. and live pictures of washington, d.c., quint your eyes, move really closely to the television and maybe you can see the white house. someone joked earlier today and i stole the joke, maybe president obama's brought that chicago weather to the white house because this is a rough one. they are setting records with the snowfall in that town. and the blizzard warning will be in effect until 7:00 tonight for washington, d.c. the capital is expecting another 6 to 12 inches of snow today. this after they barely had time to dig out of the first storm. mike seidel filed this report a short time ago. >> reporter: tamron, we've been dealing with a blizzard this morning in washington. we've had wind gusts to 60 miles an hour south of town in
11:34 am
manassas, dulles gusts of 45 miles an hour, and the temperature has really ramped up off the coast, plummeted from 30 down into the low 20s so the snow is very dry and powdery and susceptible to the wind, these gusts picking up the snow and blow i blowing it and drifting it around. that's going to be concern even after the snow stops or even when it backs off, that warning, that blizzard warning runs until 7:00 tonight. we picked up another 6 to 8 inches of snow since late yesterday on top of the 20 to 30 plus inches we have friday and saturday and this is -- this site is just really amazing for washington. maybe in syracuse. maybe in buffalo or how about marquette, michigan. let me climb up the snow pile. we're on the north side of the capitol, the capitol and union station. no telling when this snow is finally going to melt. i have a feeling if you come this way, say, for easter, there may still be some traces of the snow. now the capitol is behind me. we have not seen the capitol for about four or five hours.
11:35 am
that's how hard it's been snowing and when these winds ratchet up, it starts to lower the visibilities. things will improve tonight. tomorrow the sun comes back out. again, the dig will continue. all the airports today, reagan, dulles, bwi, no flights going in and out much like we saw last saturday. hopefully they'll get things up and running somewhat tomorrow. tamron, back to you from the capital. >> mike seidel climbing a mountain of so much snow. in philadelphia a blizzard warning is in effect until midnight. philly gets another foot of snow as expected, they could get the record for the snowiest winter in that city's history. now a state of emergency and more than 1,000 schools are closed. the weather channel's julie martin is in king of prussia, pennsylvania, with another snowy picture to show you. julie, what's the latest? >> reporter: you have that right, tamron. we are under a snow emergency here in the greater philly area.
11:36 am
i want to show you real quickly, you mentioned mike seidel on the mountain of snow. i have one myself here. a lot of snow already accumulated here, in fact, 26 1/2 inches over the weekend, so we are building upon building upon building here, picked up close to 8 inches in the area. the pennsylvania turnpike, you can barely see it, at a standstill here. motorists being advised if you don't have to travel in or out of the pennsylvania area, do not do so. traffic also reduced to 45 miles an hour out there. i want to show you just how deep the snow is here. we have a way to measure it and as far as i can stick this down looking at 30 inches right here, of course some of this is accumulating from over the weekend and plowed but, once again, we're looking at blizzard like conditions later on today, very low visibility, treacherous conditions for people out here who do not have power, by the way, and those power outages are going up, tamron, as we speak.
11:37 am
>> that is terrible. the people without power, many of them as we pointed out, since friday having no heat in their homes and having to cope with this. julie, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. and we're following another major story, the sex scandal surrounding former presidential candidate, john edwards. his former aide is facing a deadline today to turn over what he calls a sex tape showing his old boss with his mistress. lisa myers joins us now. so, lisa, what are we waiting to happen for here other than young turning over this tape, andrew young? >> reporter: what's happening today, tamron, at 2:00 this afternoon there's a court hearing in north carolina during which a judge will take possession of the alleged sex tape. it's just another step in what has become a bizarre legal battle, a circus really, between john edwards' former mistress and his former aide over who actually owns this tape and other allegedly stolen materials. andrew young, the former
11:38 am
personal aide to john edwards who is now promoting the tell-all book, went to this atlanta bank to retrieve the alleged sex tape and other disputed materials from his safe deposit box. young was accompanied by a private security officer who took the tape and other items to be turned over to judge abraham jones as early as today. the judge held young in contempt last week for failing to produce the tape. after that, young said he'd relink wish everything by today. >> we never did anything with them. there's a reason nobody has ever seen the tape and while the court resolves the issues we're happy to give to the court. >> reporter: rielle hunter triggered this legal sideshow when she wept to court to get back the alleged sex tape as well as photos of her then infant daughter quinn with the child child's father, john edwards. why create this legal circus? >> the circus in court might be nothing compared to the circus that occurs if this tape is actually broadcast widely.
11:39 am
>> reporter: hunter says she shot the video of a very private and personal nature in september 2006. however, young claims the video shows edwards engaged in sexual activities with a woman who is noticeably pregnant. it would have had to be shot in 2007. young also claims he found the tape discarded in a box of trash. hunter claims it was in a hat box with other personal items left in the house she rented and was stolen by young. who owns the tape clerply matters since young claims he was offered a guy janetic amount of money for it. for now legal experts say hunter has managed to keep the tape off the market. >> by making it clear to all third parties that she claims this tape is stolen property, she's trying to discourage anybody from trying to buy it. >> reporter: one question a lot of people are asking, tamron, is why would andrew young at this point even want to keep a tape of john edwards having sex with
11:40 am
hunter now that he's admitted to the affair? the most obvious possibility is that young may hope to sell it. >> all right, lisa myers. we will see what happens with this story. thank you, lisa. well, separate from that one but still in the scandalous world of sex and affairs, appare apparently it pays off to be the alleged mistress of a superstar. what am i talking about? let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett for so -- >> it's all become one seedy wheelhouse, hasn't it? what we are talking about right now is rachel yuk tell. you might remember her. "extra" has reportedly hired her as a special correspondent. she did an interview with mario lopez last night and it went so well, some reps are saying, not confirmed by rachel uchitel, but reps are saying she did well enough to score herself a permanent position or somewhat permanent position on the show.
11:41 am
she'll be reporting on nightl e nightlife, hot spots and the like and allegedly will not be talking about tiger. >> and she still hasn't said she had an affair with tiger. >> correct. she has not said that on the record. a number of sources in and around rachel uchitel and tiger woods do confirm to me anyway, yes, they were having some sort of a relationship. she has not said that exactly. >> eliot spitzer, the call girl, she got a job, too, after that scandal. >> she did, too. a some time columnist for "the post." there's a way to parlay this into an income. so good for them. moving right along ellen degeneres had her first night on "american idol." i have to say this is one of the best episodes of "american idol" i personally have ever seen. >> ellen is amazing. >> she was very good. she was good. she was tougher than people thought. she was a great fill-in for paula abdul. she is going to be a fantastic mix in that judges' table there. and another point here, too, a
11:42 am
lot of people noticed that the show just flowed so much better. they had more time between the taping of hollywood week and getting it on the air. it really showed. >> any sign of bad blood between simon and ellen? >> i had some people close to production tell me they did sort of edit around that because it wasn't funny bad blood, it was just a lot of grumpiness essentially that doesn't make for fantastic television. i do think you're going to see them kind of go head-to-head a little bit more as the weeks go on. fantastic, fantastic show. also, i want to revisit a topic we talked about yesterday. right after we went off the air we were talking about turning himself in to a jail sentence. it's been put off another month because he has dental work to attend to. it's allegedly cost him more than $100,000 to get that. he has more dental work to get done of the serious variety. they're saying bone graphs and the like and that was long in
11:43 am
the works before all of this. but they say, okay, one month you get now and no more delays. >> on the gun charge, they're letting him delay because he needs serious dental -- >> serious dental work apparently. who knew? >> i didn't. that is the scoop. all things fall under the scoop. see you at 2:00 eastern. have a good day. thank you, courtney. till ahead, more on the massive snowstorm stretching all the way from the midwest to the east coast. the snow has been falling since yesterday in some areas and, let me tell you, it has not stopped yet. when will it stop? we'll get an update. going to wok but i was like, hey, this actually works. (announcer) only rogaine foam is shown to regrow hair in 85% of guys. i'll check it out and i'm like, nice. (announcer) rogain foam. stop losing. start gaining. brand over the last decade... now over the counter at walmart as prevacid 24hr - to treat frequent heartburn.
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11:47 am
she left looks like her shovel and measuring stick there. also to new york city where this is central park and if you see right in the middle somebody is out there that just made a snowman and it looks like our nbc crew is kind of wrapping up a report there as well. >> good job, megan. i can't believe somebody would leave behind a shovel. that's what you need today, a cell phone and a shovel. anyway, more now on that winter blizzard and a travel problems it has created across the country. m monica novotny has an update. what do you have? >> we just got this handed over. this is coming in on our hot file right now. in williamsburg, virginia, we're talking about airports but right now we have problems on the roads as well. a 50-car pileup on interstate 64 westbound. this is near williamsburg. seven people have been transported to the hospital with minor injuries. the interstate expected to be closed for several hours as crews work to clear the scene. this is interstate 64 westbound near williamsburg in virginia. we also have gotten in the last hour an update from the new york
11:48 am
airport where all are open but, of course, we still have concerns. travelers may not be going anywhere. most flights at these airports are canceled. they've done this proactively at laguardia, most flights are canceled, at jfk. they only have two runways open so crews work on two plowing snow and open two. alternating there. amtrak has been having problems. tamron, they've been on a limited run since last week's storm in d.c. so that limited service continues all the way up to new york. they have no service south of k d.c. right now. new york city schools are closed today. only the third snow day in the last six years. the federal government also shut down for the third straight day and you were talking about the far reaching effects of this. i saw a report from tampa's airport. they say normally they have about 500 flights operating a day. almost 100 are canceled today and they're telling people to expect this to be backed up until saturday. so a long time catching up here. >> that looks like nighttime. was that at night, the video from times square? >> i didn't see that one coming
11:49 am
in. it's incredible how dark that cavern in times square is because of the snow cover and the visibility. wow. if you have a flight, you are in trouble. we wish you the best, though. now to the "today" show series heart by the numbers. in honor of american heart month, today the topic is cholesterol. what is it? how bad is it? and when are you going to get it under control if you're suffering from a problem? the "today" show's al roker went to his doctor to figure it all out. >> reporter: imagine good cholesterol that picks up the bad cholesterol and brings it to recycling better known as your liver. that's what happens in your body. the more good cholesterol or hdl you have, the better chance you have of getting rid of the bad cholesterol or ldl. so how were my numbers? it was time for me to find out. >> roll up your sleeve and we will get your cholesterol
11:50 am
testing today. >> you bet. >> reporter: after losing 50 pounds over the past year and sticking to a healthy diet, i was pretty sure my cholesterol numbers would be pretty good. >> have you been paying attention, you're looking good, and you definitely kept the weight down. ♪ i like to move it move it >> reporter: while body weight and exercise can affect your cholesterol levels, one is family history or your genetic makeup. >> the idea is that some people make 1,000 milligrams of cholesterol per day, other people make 2,000 or 3,000 milligrams. there are certain people who have heart attacks when they're 18 years old because they've been making 4,000 or 5,000 milligrams of cholesterol a day. >> reporter: another factor for cholesterol is diet. what you eat and how much fat you eat. >> it's really the saturated fats and the transfats that raise the cholesterol. >> reporter: after sticking to a low-fat diet for the past year,
11:51 am
it was time to see if it paid off. >> we'll get back to you within a week. we'll let you know where you stand and you're looking great. >> well, that was "today" show al roker. in case you were wondering al's total cholesterol number 138 which is really good. a healthy level is under 200. i just got mine checked, it was 198. he has a better level than i do. for more information you can go check out the american heart association go red for women campaign. log news we are watching. former illinois governor rod blagojevich is back in court right now. he is facing new charges over his alleged scheme involving president obama's senate seat. expecting a circus. federal marshals cleared the sidewalk. trying to part it like a red sea so he can go in to court and deal with the latest charges. announcer: trying to be good to your heart? so is campbell's healthy request soup.
11:52 am
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we have breaking news we are following out oklahoma. southwest of oklahoma city where a train has collided with a coca-cola delivery truck. this is the video coming in. coke truck is on its side. you see a number of authorities, investigators out there. we don't have any idea at this point about injuries. not getting any word yet on any possible injuries. you see there the coke truck on its side. this ninnekah, oklahoma. former illinois governor blagojevich is due in court in chicago within minutes. due to be arraigned on a revised set of corruption charges. they were linked to his alleged scheme to trade or sell barack obama's senate seat. joining us now, bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times." lynn, are these new charges here? clarify what's going on here for
11:56 am
us. >> there are new charges but really just to -- same tune, slightly different words. the supreme court has a case pending dealing with what's -- legal issue called honest services. and that is a charge that's throughout the dim of governor, former governor blagojevich. because the supreme court might strike down the services provision, he was reindicted and just to -- i guess, add reinforcement to the indictment. the federal prosecutors added eight more counts. all related to the schemes he had to get campaign money in terms of -- in exchange for favors and selling of the obama senate seat. >> democrats in illinois are worried they might lose the senate seat. a moderate republican. he is trying to ride the wave of scott brown and every time you see blago and his name being brought up democrats in illinois get worried that he may have
11:57 am
spillover effect on the race. >> right now -- i just came back from a week in illinois. having seen how this -- democrats have just been battered left and right, lieutenant governor fiasco and just got over that. illinois democrats are back in the news, having to explain the blagojevich controversy. if you think it is bad now, just think. the blagojevich stril supposed to happen during the summer when the campaigns are really getting, you know, reaching more critical mass where people may be locking in decisions. this is a side show. the federal marshal in chicago actually issued a memo kind of trying to choreograph where people should stand in -- make sure that there's not total circus. little bit of a circus when blagojevich gets there. >> he is a tv star. he goes on "the apprentice" coming up. that adds to it. thanks, lynn. greatly appreciate. >> it thank you. >> thank you. that does it for me in this hour. tamron hall. i will see you back here at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. contessa brewer picks up at the
11:58 am
top of our coverage now. >> all right, tamron. senate is getting ready to tackle don't ask, don't tell. if the president wants to end that policy, it is time to let gays serve openly, why should this be a battle for lawmakers? we are watching a real mess in washington, d.c., that's shut down most official businesses in the nation's capital. listen. gridlock in government can't totally be blamed on the weather. we will talk about the lawmakers taking sides and refusing to budge to get anything done. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it.
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